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My service are:
GRAPHIC DESIGN : Logo, Business Cards, Stationery, Brochure.
WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT : Start from finding domain name, design it, and find hosting. Recently I have been using Godaddy , Weebly, and Hostpapa to develop a website.
My clients

my website work

Below are link to my clients website.

Client 1 - ICF brisbane

One of my client is ICF (Indonesian Catholic Family) Brisbane, click the link below

view ICF site

Client 2 - PT.Praglas Raya

Client 2 - PT.Praglas Raya situated in Jakarta Indonesia. Click the link below 

View PT.Praglas Raya 

Client 3

Client 3 - a blog writer website. Click the link below

View Celeritism

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